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Philosophy of most basic knowledge  

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Last update: 01 - 10 - 2014    
First edition: 15 - 10 - 2012    
Author:  O. Hilrich 


R e v i e w

Most basic knowledge
Human basics can be seen as a first universally designed and coherent philosophy
of most basic knowledge for any human, wherever on the world and regardless culture, religion, education or status.
It consists of generally recognized and established knowledge, generally verifiable observation, and some basic theories and conclusions, and combined with a number of basic theses it makes up a universal philosophy of human basics. 

Knowledge and understanding    
This philosophy of most basic knowledge is in the first place about an understanding and awareness of our human nature, and our most basic universal human values.
It contains a concise basic information about social, psychological, cultural and moral human qualities and basic universal human values in relation to political, economic, ecological, religious, judicial and educational issues in all societies.  
By its nature this basic knowledge tends to create a basic understanding and more agreement between people and cultures. However, by its basic and realistic nature some of this information can also be experienced as confronting.  

Need for human basics  
Never before in human history the earth has been populated with so many individuals, and never before humans have had to live in such big and culturally mixed populations. And maybe also never before there was such a need for understanding and agreement between different cultures about the basics of our human nature and about universal human values as in our divided and contradictory world of today.

Global education  
This philosophy is meant to be a blueprint and starting point of a global teaching of universal basics in all education, and to create in that way more agreement and unity in our culturally fragmented and divided world. 
As a concept it has the potential to become a starting point for the development
of a basically universal global culture.

A philosophy of basic knowledge can only be effective in the world if there is a general agreement about it.
First a general and global agreement is needed to come to a global consensus about
a universal basic knowledge.  
Hence the interactive nature of this website edition. 
(soon to be activated)  
Human basics is bound to become the most important philosophy in human history,  for by the nature of its information it has the potential to solve all of the biggest global problems of humanity. 
It has the potential to create a universal global understanding and agreement on the most basic human issues, and to create more social unity in the world.  
And as such it has the potential to create a gradual global change towards more global cooperation, peace and prosperity, and a happier world to live in where every human can feel at home. 

Practically oriented
A philosophy of human basics would be of no value if it were merely about a theoretical knowledge. Nevertheless, the knowledge of Human basics is of a practical nature. And so much so, that one could even doubt here to use the word philosophy.
Practical knowledge and understanding of our human nature, universal human values and way of living is needed to create an awareness of them. 
And this awareness is needed to connect it with the reality of our world of today.


P r e m i s e s  

Most basic knowledge  
The most important knowledge for any individual on the earth is the knowledge which is needed to realize as much as possible the very highest universal human values for any human being.
(this also includes the basic knowledge needed for the solution of all of the biggest problems of humanity which threaten these values) 

Levels of most basic knowledge  
Although basic knowledge is in the first place about the kind of knowledge, a basic aspect of it is also the level of it. 
Many levels can be standardized for age or mental potential. (Hence for a start three levels are planned: original, popular and simple) 
(currently only original available)  

Human nature  
With "human nature" is meant in this writing: our (evolutionary developed) basic way   of being, functioning, experiencing and relating. 

Universal human values  
Common and shared basic human values regardless culture, religion, education, race, gender, or geographic location etc. 

Moral basics  
Most important knowledge regarding universal human values, universal social or moral standards, universal and evolutionary established human virtues, and a basic know- ledge of our human nature, needed for a universal moral understanding.

Education and global peace  
A global agreement on universal basics in education is the very best starting point to create more unity in the world, which is a condition for sustainable peace.
That's why this philosophy of basic knowledge also contains a search for agreement


Most urgent global problems of humanity    

Overpopulation / world peace  
For many thousands of years peoples all over the world have committed mass killings by means of war, solving their problem of overpopulation, for almost any war of the past can basically be seen as the outcome of a lack of territory and overpopulation. 
However humanity of today with her global communication-potential has also a global cooperation-potential and an ability to solve this problem in a totally different way.

Climate change and sea level problem
It seems that in the near future sea levels are going to rise in catastrophic amounts because of global warming. If there will be no change in this process, then huge global organizational and technological measurements are needed, and mass migrations of people from low level locations to higher places.   
These solutions will only be possible if the whole of humanity will be able to cooperate according her evolutionary established social nature and intelligence.

Problem of global ecology
Meant is the global problem of pollution and destruction of nature which we are all part of, and the eradication of species. 
In general: deforestation, mining, overfishing, global warming, nuclear pollution, chemi- cal pollution by agriculture, unknown effects of agricultural GM and nano-tech pollution etc.etc. All of this caused by the modern western way of life, capitalistic extremism, and a lack of basic education and responsibility-awareness. 

Global religion problem 
Most of the religious people in the world are unaware of the fact that all religions in the world are merely based on belief, assumption and culture, and not on any founded knowledge or religious understanding. Hence religious extremism; an arrogant fanatic conviction of superiority of one's own truth, which in the end is merely a belief . . . 
Extremism, caused by a lack of basic religious modesty and religious integrity and lack of psychological insight, and lack of the most basic religious education.    

Problem of discrimination 
Discrimination of religious and non-religious people, and of religions among each other, of cultural minorities, and of gender, race or sexual orientation, and all hostility, repres- sion and violence which comes out of that.
All based on prejudice, demonizing, and a lack of basic knowledge, education, and understanding of human nature, and lack of a universal moral understanding. 

Capitalistic extremism  
An almost global society-hostile egocentric survival-culture of blind greed, respectless exploitation, lies, trickery and deceit. Based on antisocial egocentrism and power of money and corruption.
Think of uncontrolled deforestation, chemical pollution, overfishing, uncontrolled power of banks and insurance companies, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. 
Creating personal wealth on costs of others, out of lack of responsibility-awareness, purblindness, and lack of basic psychological, moral and sociological understanding, and often out of an unconscious narcissistic or even psychopathic mentality.  

Global poverty problem  
Poverty in the world can in general be seen as a result of underdevelopment, of capita- listic extremism, corrupt or repressive governments, and of geographic location.  
This problem can only be solved by the right education, basic political, psychological, and moral understanding of the rich, and their responsibility-awareness.

Problem of narcissism and psychopathy 
The global problem of narcissism and psychopathy is not only the problem of too many people with a distinct narcissistic or psychopathic personality disorder, but especially the problem of a more or less narcissistic or psychopathic mentality of in general prosperous "normal" people and of wealthy or powerful people, and people
in finance and politics.

Lack of moral education 
A lack of moral education and moral understanding gives space to a blind and unin- hibited egocentrism in a modern materialistic survival-culture.
However, blind and uninhibited egocentrism is the root-cause of all human dominance, suppression, humiliation, subjection, rape, violence and other crime, and many kinds of other human misery . . . . .

Criminality problem 
Caused by lack of care for children and their development, lack of moral education, poverty and broken families, and egocentric violence-conditioning by parents, media and computer-games etc. And also by hostile punishment-based education, much violence in society, and a semi-criminal mentality of many "normal" citizens. 
Can only be solved by preventive education, preventive criminal justice, basic moral education, practical re-education and psychotherapy.

Corruption problem      
One of the most difficult problems in the world, based on a misuse of power.
An insolvable problem without a basic moral understanding out of a basic moral edu- cation, and some basic psychological, sociological, economic and political knowledge and understanding.  

Global drugs problem      
More and more people in the world are getting addicted to alcohol, drugs and many other matters.  
The cause of addiction is not the alcohol or drug etc. as such, but the cause is rooted in a psycho-social derailment by a lack of individual well-being in a cultural context. 

Problem of human power  
The human power problem applies to people in politics, science, police, companies, local governments, banks etc. etc.
Their corruptibility, lack of basic psychological understanding and the danger of their arrogance and megalomania. And so the danger of their society-hostility, as well as a society-hostile collective egocentric, or collective narcissistic mentality and behaviour.
Can only be solved by a basic understanding of our human nature, and some basic moral understanding.

The transparency and "Big brother" problem  
The ongoing development of digital registration of huge amounts of data of every indi- vidual in the developed world is creating more and more vulnerability of individuals for misuse and misinterpretation of information and for criminality.
The possession or access to such information means in fact a more or less secret
and uncontrolled power which threatens any individual if there is no restriction and no  accessible trustworthy body of control over it. However next to this is also needed a generally agreed universal moral education and culture, which also means a solved,
or minimized criminality problem. 

Human knowledge problem 
By and by the amount of human knowledge has developed to such an extent, that it basically has become uncontrollable, and only computers can contain, survey and order it. And in fact man is basically not able to give direction to its further develop- ment, for basic premises are lacking, and no one can control or survey it, and it is fragmented in more and more specialized directions.
Hence, a new basic system of arrangement, ordering and evaluation is needed.
An ordering, evaluation and structuring, step by step build up from the most basic premises and most basic knowledge.

Human basics has the potential to solve all of
       these global problems on a global scale if supported
                   by enough people all over the world. 


Total concept-design of Human Basics    

Human nature
Psychological nature and social nature  

Human values  
Values, standards, virtues, vices 

Human health   (planned)  
Physiology, nourishment, lifestyle, sport 

Man, biology and ecology   (planned)    
Life on earth and humans in ecology and environment 

Man energy and technique   (planned)    
Prosperity of humanity out of use of energy and technique 

Man and physics   (planned)  
Use of knowledge of physics for humanity

Man, earth and universe   (planned)    
Global economy, global politics, and future of humanity 

The concept of the main subjects  
The basic consideration, structural starting-point and basic point of view in all main subjects here is man; man in relation to nature, man in relation to existence as a whole, and humans in relation to each other
Hence the starting point of "human nature", and next "human values".  
Also is important to keep in mind that it's here about the most basic knowledge for every mature human in the world, regardless culture, religion, gender or race etc.
The most important knowledge and its structuring in main subjects is as much as possible arranged in a logical order of importance.   
This concept-design is meant as a basic starting point, and may during the time of its realization be extended, and eventually changed.  

Objectives of Human basics  
The objectives of Human basics are to establish a globally discussed, agreed and accepted basic knowledge for every individual on earth to create a universal and basic understanding and unity between people and between peoples of the world, and to realize as much as possible the very highest universal human values for every human being on the earth. 
And also is an objective, to create an awareness of the position of man in nature, dependence of man on nature, and responsibility of man for his actions in nature and in the universe.

Each of the main subjects should have its own attached comment; an addition for explanation and translation to its contemporary world and showing connections with other main subjects and implications etc. 
So in the course of time the comments are most liable to change, according to the change of our world.  

Way of living  
The Human basics 2012 as a first edition has just one comment: "Way of living". 
Way of living is a combined comment for the first two main subjects of "human nature" and "human values"; this, because of the interconnectedness of the two main subjects and the huge contrast of them with our contemporary way of living in this world.
Also it contains already some important parts of other (future planned) main subjects.

Global discussion forums    
As already mentioned, Human basics is meant to be a blueprint, a first design, to be supplemented and from time to time eventually corrected.
So especially in the beginning Human basics web pages and other Human basics publications are meant to be regularly updated, for there is a continuous global flow of new scientific discoveries and insights and technical development.
And although in general basic knowledge is not likely to change too fast, it should be under a continuous check of reason of many intelligent people in the world by means of global discussions in forums of Human basics.  
(soon to be activated)    

General global agreement  
As also said already, a philosophy of human basics can only be effective in the world if there is a general and global agreement about it.
Out of the discussions on forums may come some basic conclusions, and if they cannot be refuted, a general agreement can be supposed, and then they can change the contents of Human basics. 
Of course changes have to stay within the definition of basic knowledge and the objec- tives of Human basics.

Partial agreement  
Also in case of partial agreement Human basics can be of great value to anybody in the world. For also a partial agreement can bring more unity and understanding between people and peoples in the world.
Some people may totally agree and others maybe on just some points. But even then there is a gain . . . 

In case of a partial agreement with the contents of Human basics, any non-democratic state, religion or culture can obtain a copy of Human basics with exclusions as desired.  
However, being aware that exclusions may lead to some retardation compared to the remaining uncensored part of the world. 
But as explained, also in case of some exclusions Human basics can still have a posi- tive and integrating effect on a concerning society.


Global forums       (soon to be activated)      

Discussions about critics with suggestions for change 

Discussions about suggestions for additions 

Questions to be discussed 

Suggestions for design and content-concepts for planned subjects  

Human basics contains no references for confirmation of mentioned established know- ledge because its concept is to be based on current arguments and discussion, and on observation, agreement and consensus.
However for extra support, confirmation of mentioned established knowledge and also theses, there could be added a list of references confirming, as well as a list of referen- ces opposing mentioned knowledge or theses.